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Quote Lookup Box Notes

For all Canadian exchanges, please enter the name of the stock, mutual fund etc. followed by :CA.  For example, the symbol for the CIBC Monthly Income Fund is CIB512 but if you would need to enter CIB512:CA into the quote lookup box. 

Use the prefixes below for various entities.  For example, S&P500 would be entered as ^SPX.

Prepended Character

Instrument Type

 ^  Index
@ Option
! Interest Rate
/ Futures
$ Foreign Exchange Rates

Nymex exchange symbols = suffix will be :NMX
Comex exchange symbols = suffix will be :CMX

For a more detailed symbology guide, please click here.

Financial Updates

Market summary

The market summary offers you an overview of the day’s financial highlights from around the world. In addition, the North American indexes section offers a glance at economic activity closer to home.

Economic analysis - Week at a Glance

The Week at a Glance bulletin provides a weekly synopsis of notable market information.  Topics include: The Week in Numbers, Weekly Indicators, US Watch, China Watch, Forex review, In the News, Weekly Performers, the Economic Calender and a Quarterly Earnings calendar.

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