Financial life cycle

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Financial planning is not a one-time event.  It is a dynamic process that changes throughout your lifetime.

As a client of Rogers Group Financial (RGF), you will receive financial advice and guidance as you transition through the 3 phases of the Financial Life Cycle.

Whether you are a young couple, business owner or professional, approaching retirement or already retired – we are there every step of the way.

Accumulation Phase | Grow Your Wealth

This phase is often associated with realizing lifestyle goals such as buying your first home, saving for your children’s education, and saving for retirement. Balancing living for today versus meeting tomorrow’s needs is one of the greatest challenges of the accumulation phase

Retirement Phase | Enjoy Your Retirement

This stage requires a strategy that allows you to generate your desired retirement income through the integration of your pension sources with your investment assets. When it comes to retirement income planning, there is no perfect method or simple solution.  Every individual’s situation is unique and everyone will have a different investment strategy for the best way to generate their required income in retirement. 

Estate Planning Phase | Share Your Legacy

The estate planning phase must be taken into consideration during both the accumulation and retirement phases. In simple terms, estate planning means having your affairs in order, enabling your family and loved ones to make decisions on your behalf upon your death or in the event of mental incapacity. 

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