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Rogers Group Financial
1701 West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C. V6J 1Y3
T: 604.732.6551 | 1.800.784.6066
F. 604.732.6553

Directions and Parking

We have complimentary parking for our building.  Enter the lane from either Burrard Street or Pine Street.  There is complimentary underground parking and outdoor parking behind the building available for your convenience.  Please take the elevator to the Reception area on the ground floor to check in. 

After hours

Should you have a meeting after before 8am or after 430pm, please press the silver 'After hours' button on the intercom outside the front door or the garage and you will gain access to the building. 

Upcoming street closures

We have received notice from the city of upcoming street closures due to sewer construction.

West 12th Avenue from Fir Street to Arbutus Street will be opened on late Friday Aug 26th.  We also would like to inform you the schedule for work happening over the next two weekends on Burrard South and Broadway as follows:

  • Aug 27th  &  28th (Sat/Sun): Street surface (cut) repair/ Civil Electrical crossing (Burrard 8th to 10th)
  • Aug 29th  to Sept 2nd: Grinding (Burrard from 6th to 10th and Broadway from Pine to Burrard)
  • Sep 3rd: Paving (Burrard from 6th to Broadway)
  • Sep 4th: Paving (Burrard from Broadway to 10th & Broadway from Pine to Burrard)


  • Aug 27th  &  28th (Sat/Sun): Full closure on Burrard from 4th Ave to Broadway, starting from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm. One lane in each direction after 12 pm. (northbound lane only if necessary). One lane in each direction on Broadway.
  • Aug 29th  to  Sept 2nd (Mon-Fri): Minimum one lane in each direction on both Burrard and Broadway
  • Sept 3rd  &  4th (Sat/Sun): Full closure on Burrard, starting from 4:00 am to 12:00 pm.  One lane in each direction after 12 pm. (northbound lane only if necessary). One lane in each direction on Broadway.



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Emergency Contact

In the event of a significant business disruption, clients with accounts held through Rogers Group Investment Advisors Ltd. may place liquidating trades by calling Raymond James Ltd. directly at 1-866-909-1105. No new long or short positions will be accepted and no advice will be provided. These lines will only be answered in the event that Rogers Group Investment Advisors declares a significant business disruption. Clients with accounts held through Rogers Group Financial Advisors Ltd. may contact individual financial institutions directly for assistance. For contact information, please refer to the statements sent to you by these firms.

Complaint Resolution

At Rogers Group Financial, we strive to exceed our clients' expectations by providing exceptional service. If you find that your experience is anything less, please refer to: How to Resolve your Problems and Concerns.

"We are very satisfied. We count ourselves lucky to have encountered this firm when we did.”

Graham & Rosemary K.