An effective investment strategy can be time-consuming and challenging to implement and monitor.

Rogers Group Financial (RGF) offers a customized account management program which combines consistent investment discipline with tax-effective strategies.    

Your Managed Account is governed by your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) - a written document outlining your financial objectives (growth, income) and risk tolerance.  Regular reporting includes performance, asset mix, and measurement to a relevant benchmark. 

This approach to planning adds a layer of convenience to a portfolio which is still designed to meet your individual needs, risk tolerance, and values.

Your Managed Account is rebalanced by the Portfolio Manager, based on your IPS.  This keeps the investment discipline - saving you time and ensuring your account is optimized to meet your objectives. 

Managed accounts are not offered by all advisors, and are not appropriate for all clients. Please contact us for additional information.

Annual Management Fees:
(Fees are tax-deductible for non-registered accounts.)

From  $0 - $250,000  
From $250,001 - $1,000,000
From $1,000,001 – $2,000,000
From $2,000,001 – $3,000,000    0.50%
Over $3,000,001   0.50%
(unless otherwise negotiated with client and noted on account agreement)


"I am entirely satisfied and thankful to have the interest and help from Rogers Group Financial through my very much appreciated advisor."

Shirley J.