Grow your wealth

Financial planning is a dynamic process that changes throughout your lifetime.  Rogers Group Financial (RGF) provides financial advice and guidance through the 3 phases of the Financial Life Cycle: Accumulation, Retirement and Estate Planning.

First is the Accumulation Phase.  We like to call this 'Growing Your Wealth'.  This phase is often associated with realizing lifestyle goals such as buying your first home, saving for your children’s education and saving for retirement. Balancing living for today versus meeting tomorrow’s needs is one of the greatest challenges of the accumulation phase.

First, we work to create an investment strategy by outlining your objectives, including your return requirements and your risk tolerance.  Then, we diversify your portfolio based on your financial goals, time horizon and tolerance for risk.  Finally, we implement the strategy by selecting the proper investments.

During the course of our planning, we strive to minimize your taxes, to increase your current and future cash flows and, if required, we also work with your accountant to co-ordinate your overall tax strategy.

There are several ways to organize your debts so you can reduce interest payments, pay down your debts faster and better manage your cash flow.

One of your greatest financial risks is that your income will cease before you have accumulated enough capital to become financially independent.  Fortunately, we can employ a number of risk management strategies to provide income for an unplanned event such as unemployment, premature death, prolonged disability, critical illness or the need for long term healthcare.

Even in the accumulation phase, it is important to establish an estate plan.  This involves creating a will and naming an executor, beneficiaries, a trustee and a legal guardian for your children.  Insurance will provide income protection for your family in the event of an illness or untimely death.  You can also relieve the burden from your family by minimizing taxes and probate fees.  Finally, you can create a trust or donor-advised account to ensure that your charitable giving continues after death.

Following our guiding principles, our experienced, professional advisors use a comprehensive planning approach to create a financial plan that best suits your unique situation.

Comprehensive Planning Approach

Every client situation is unique, and we recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.  We use our disciplined process to determine what strategies will best suit your financial concerns, goals and objectives as you grow your wealth.  We start by thoroughly reviewing your current financial position.  We then clarify your goals and analyze your long-term financial projections.  With that information we create a customized plan, or “Road Map”, implement it and provide regular reviews of your holdings.

Experienced, Professional Advisors

Our advisors are professionally qualified with 1 or more accreditations and an average of over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. We take a long-term view to financial planning and building strong client relationships.  As investment advisors, portfolio managers and insurance agents, RGF advisors are fully qualified to implement comprehensive solutions.

Independent Advice

RGF is an independent financial services firm owned and operated by its financial advisors. We are not associated with any single bank, life insurance or investment firm.  Our independence allows our advisors the freedom to compare available alternatives in the marketplace and recommend what we believe is the best financial plan for your unique circumstances.

"My advisor has done a totally outstanding job of managing my finances.  Each investment has been thoroughly thought out, researched, and explained with all my questions fully and patiently answered."

Sharon A.